The Squadron of 2120

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Maverick (Free For All Brawl):

In this mode, players fly an aircraft, in which they both fly and fire at enemy aircrafts. In this mode, Friendly Fire is always on - even players flying aircrafts of the same faction are considered enemies to one another. Players can either select a single-seater airplane to both fly in and shoot from, or they may opt to work in teams, flying two-seated aircrafts - in this case, one player takes the role of pilot, and the second player takes the role of the gunner in a mounted turret.

Prestige (Squad-based Brawl)

In this mode, players select a faction to support. Friendly Fire can be turned off, players belonging to the same faction must work together as teams. Players may again opt to fly one- or two-seated aircrafts in this mode.

Doomsday (Goal-oriented team versus CPU)

In this mode, players select a faction and an aircraft (one- or two-seated), and must all work together in order to defeat gigantic bosses. Friendly Fire can be turned off, as well as the option to shoot and damage other players of opposing factions (Bogey Fire). Generally, it takes coordinated effort from all players to destroy these bosses. With Friendly and Bogey Fire on it may quickly spiral out of control and become a grudge-match, but then again, all is fair once in the air.

Fire Force (Goal-oriented team versus team)


Custom aircraft for all players
Aircraft are never out of fuel.
Every couple of seconds, a mini-boost is available.


The levels in Squadron are all situated in ground-based areas, implying the ground is a danger-factor to be considered. Crashing into the ground results in (depending on the speed of impact):
  • A temporarily disabled gun.
  • Damage to the ship.
  • Instant death by violent explosion.

Scenery can be anything from open grassland to cities to military bases, but are always of low to medium height. Levels supply enough obstacles (for instance in the form of buildings or trees) to ensure challenging maneuvering gameplay and chases.
All levels can be played at a day and nighttime setting. The nighttime versions have tactically placed lights so as to create opportunites to hide in the shadows. Afterburner boosts and muzzle-flashes will betray the ships' locations.


Several powerups may be scattered around the levels, aiding or penalizing players. The powerups are stored in wooden or steel crates, suspended in mid-air by thruster-powered platforms. The visual design of these containers does not communicate the type of powerup it contains. Colliding with a crate results in a pick-up of the contained powerup. Only one powerup can be active on any one ship at a time.

The available powerups are:
  • Speed boost
The mini-boost can be executed an unlimited number of times, for a duration of 10 seconds.
  • Force-field shield
A protective shield is raised all around the player's ship, protecting it from projectiles and impact with other ships, until its power is drained.
  • Cloaking device
A Predator-like cloaking effect partially obscures the player's ship.
  • Tracer rounds
Currently equipped ammunition gains light-trails.
  • Light Flares
For use during nighttime variations. Shooting a flare lights up an area of 50 ship lengths radiating from point of explosion. One pickup accounts for three flares.


Default machineguns
Every ship comes equipped with two mounted machineguns. These default guns have an infinite supply of ammunition.

Weapon powerups
Besides the non-weapon powerup types, the powerup containers can house one of several weapon-type powerups. Weapon powerups are categorized into replacement and additive categories, replacing the two default cannons or adding a high-damage, limited-ammunition weapon, respectively. By default, the standard guns are never out of ammo, regardless of the current ammunition type. After a limited-ammo gun empties, it disappears from its mounting spot.

The available powerups are:
  • Ammo upgrades
Replacement. Several ammunition upgrades are available for the default machineguns: green lasers (increase damage to 110%), red lasers (increase damage to 125%), vulcan cannons (increase rate of fire to 150%).
  • Entangling net
Additive. One-shot, propels a net forward, entangling a ship, dragging it slowly towards the ground and rendering its controls useless for a duration of 5 seconds. Guns can still be operated, but missiles and nukes explode within the net.
  • Tractor beam
Additive. Has power for 10 seconds of usage. Upon hit 'glues' a ship to the player's ship using a tractor beam, rendering its controls useless until the beam's power runs out and dragging it along. Guns and missiles can still be fired as normal.
  • ‘The Lob-atomizer’
Additive. One-shot. A baby-nuke is mounted to the ship, which can be propelled forward using a lob-motion. Upon hitting either a ship or scenery, it explodes into a devastating wave, inflicting 1000% of the machineguns' base damage within a range of 50 ship lengths from the point of impact.
  • Control-disruptor
Additive. A satellite dish is mounted to the ship, firing a sonic wave that disrupts a player's controls. Left input turns to the right, down becomes up, etc. The effect of one hit lasts for 10 seconds, and one disruptor can fire 3 shots.
  • Missiles
Additive. Mounts a missile bay to the ship, containing 50 small missiles, each capable of inflicting 200% of the machineguns' base damage on impact. Missiles will be fired at high rate for as long as the secondary weapon button is depressed, or until ammunition is depleted.
  • Gattling gun
Additive. A huge gattling gun is mounted to the ship, capable of inflicting 150% of the machineguns' base damage at 200% of the base firing rate. Has enough ammunition to be fired contiguously for 10 seconds.

Graphical Design

Steampunk – WWII aircraft crossover.
Old-school meets SF.
Pin-up decals on aircraft


Reference imagery

WWI – WWII aircraft
Red Baron
Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow
Indiana Jones
Metal Slug

Interaction Design

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